Ultimate Roundup: Justin Takes #1 from Adele? Bielieb It.

One Direction = Up, Chris Stapleton Still Glowing, Jeezy’s Church in These Streets, Logic Tells The Incredible True Story, Missy Elliott is Back, WTF!?!?

Ultimate 100 Artists

With the release of Purpose, Justin Bieber takes the #1 spot from Adele (#2), at least for this week; the Purpose World Tour kicks off in March [Tickets] and we should learn more about Adele’s 2016 plans soon…

Drake just won’t let go of #3

Made in the A.M. lifts One Direction #8-4; playing a few lucky holiday radio shows in December [Tickets]

The Weeknd remains #5; The Madness Fall Tour is on now [Tickets]

Chris Stapleton doesn’t cool off much, only slipping three spots to #7 after his CMA Awards breakout; with only a couple of shows on the board expect to hear big plans for 2016 at some point [Tickets]

Jeezy’s “13 Days in November” promotions really did the trick as Church in These Streets is finally in the streets, making him a seriously Big Mover up 61 spots to #9; a few live dates later this month [Tickets]

Logic spiked into a #93 Debut back in early October when he announced the release of The Incredible True Story; now that the album is out he is back on the chart with a healthy #29 re-entry; playing Power 106’s Cali Christmas next week [Tickets]

Is anyone not stoked to see Missy Elliott back with new material? Her #44 Debut says “NO!”

The debut LP, Free TC, from Ty Dolla $ign is finally out, making him a Big Mover up 47 to #46 this week; also appearing at Power 106’s Cali Christmas [Tickets]

During a season of The Voice we often see performances spike onto the Ultimate 100 Songs chart from week to week, but rarely do we see a contestant rise into the Ultimate 100 Artists…we give you Jordan Smith Debuting at #74

The Empire Cast is back on the chart at #81 as the latest season, and all the related singles, pick up steam

Rory Lee Feek’s battle with cancer has captured the hearts of fans, and just people, everywhere, giving the husband and wife duo Joey & Rory a bittersweet Debut at #87

Mariah Carey + Christmas Movie + Office in Bed = #90; a very special 8-night stand at New York’s historic Beacon Theater kicks off 12/8 [Tickets]

Ultimate 100 Songs

Adele doesn’t give up the #1 spot on the Songs chart as Hello holds #1 again this week

Justin Bieber Sorry moves up one to #2 and What Do You Mean? moves up three to #4 giving him two in the Top 5 in addition to Love Yourself Debuting at #17 and The Feeling (ft. Halsey) Debuting at #100

Drake Hotline Bling is #3

Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whisky is #5

The refreshing new jam from Missy Elliott, WTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams) is this week’s top Debut at #15

Contestant Jordan Smith sees Halo (The Voice Performance) Debut at #21

Fans rally around Joey & Rory by trying to push their poignant and apropos 2012 track When I’m Gone as high up the charts as they can, bringing a #45 Debut

With their new album release One Direction Debut three new cuts: #51 End of the Day, #66 Love You Goodbye, #90 What a Feeling which gives them 6 in the Top 100 this week

Now that the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, has been in theaters for a couple of weeks, Sam Smith’s title track Writing’s on the Wall re-enters the chart at #53

J. Cole No Role Modelz is a Big Mover up 20 to #54

R. City (Rock City) releases Locked Away Again (The Remix) for a Debut at #55

Tory Lanez Say It is a Big Mover up 25 to #60

Husband and wife Mark Ballas and BC Jean are no strangers to the music industry, but their collaboration as Alexander Jean is taking hold as we see their single Roses and Violets debut at #80

Chicago choreographer and rapper Dlow hit our radar a few weeks back and Betcha Can’t Do it Like Me is proving to be the latest in a string of highly engaging dances gone viral via YouTube, can the track build beyond its #95 Debut on YouTube alone?

 Emerging Artist

We might just have a fresh Country music star forming as Kernersville, NC native Chris Lane is a Big Mover up 24 spots to #15 on this week’s Emerging Artist chart. This is one week after he debuted at #39 after popping up on our early warning radar not long before that…talk about trending! He just released the Fix EP on Big Loud Records, the recently formed label from the established management/publishing company Big Loud Mountain, best known for developing Florida Georgia Line. Chris is currently supporting Dustin Lynch’s “Hell of a Night” tour along with Tyler Rich all the way into February. His 2014 single Broken Windshield View was a solid release; now let’s see if Fix can top it. If Country radio gives it a shot and his team can drive some traffic to YouTube the sky’s the limit.


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