Emerging Artist of the Month: FRENSHIP

#25 Emerging Artists chart

#2,912 Ultimate 100 Artists chart

James Sunderland and Brett Hite make up the Los Angeles electro-pop duo, FRENSHIP. Both had been musicians on the scene and met not at a club, rehearsal space, studio, or through a network of fellow artists, but while working at Lululemon of all places…serendipity!

They got right down to work, first gaining attention online last November with Knives, an uplifting collaboration with Norwegian producer Matoma that is marked by a deep, swinging bassline interspersed with a lovely, light vocal. The next standout cut, Carpet, came this past spring. Their 80s-nodding, tropically-tinged sound clearly grew and once again meshed well with the emotionally relatable, catchy, melodic vocals that float through. Romantic memories of idyllic summer breezes, bare feet in warm sand, and lazy mornings in bed are easily conjured.

We come now to their current single, Capsize, which is a clear evolution of their sound to a larger scale. The addition of Emily Warren’s vocals and the big, super-clean production were exactly the right elements for birthing what is clearly a first-listen pop powerhouse that fits right at the leading edge of current tastes.

Having done well going the independent route the band linked up with Columbia Records and the heavyweight teams went to work. Capsize has already cracked the Top 40 chart, and with two thirds of the panel’s stations on board there is plenty of room to grow. The exposure here will augment their streaming success and widen the audience exposure tremendously; we are sure to watch spins and audience numbers pile up rapidly in the coming weeks.

We know that timing is everything, and all is lining up just so. The debut Truce EP hit streets on September 2nd and includes an acoustic version of Kids, a track they originally put out a couple of years ago. This re-work shows that the duo has heartfelt songwriting roots and breadth that is going to allow them to do all kinds of fun things going forward.

James and Brett are now hitting the road supporting Cherub’s Bleed Gold fall tour, which is going to take them through some amazing venues in great cities where they are sure to win new fans en masse. It looks like this fall is going to be a bit warmer as FRENSHIP’s good vibes pour through speakers everywhere, keeping hips moving and hearts full.

  • Capsize (ft. Emily Warren)
    • Is currently #38 at Top 40 radio
      • 3,750 spins to date, 11.75 million audience to date
    • Has ~700,000 YouTube plays in the U.S.
      • Averaging ~106,000/week over the last 4 weeks
    • Has ~2.8 million YouTube plays globally
      • Averaging ~449,000/week over the last 4 weeks


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