Emerging Artist of the Month: Hey Violet

#6 Emerging Artists chart

#263 Ultimate 100 Artists chart

L.A. quintet Hey Violet hit the Emerging Artists chart the first week of October as their single, Guys My Age, started a trend of piling up some significant spins and streams. The song Debuted at #88 on Ultimate 100 Songs on January 26th and rose to #81 on the February 2nd chart.

Formed in 2008 when the original members were still in middle school, the band was initially called Cherri Bomb. This first iteration signed with Hollywood Records and did well, including appearing on the Warped Tour and opening for acts like Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, and Staind to name just four. Their song, Shake the Ground, got a placement among rock powerhouses on the 2012 Avengers Assemble soundtrack album.

With a tweaked lineup the band changed their name in February 2015 and signed to 5 Seconds of Summer’s Capitol Records/Caroline imprint, Hi or Hey Records. Their roster eventually clicked and settled in as Rena Lovelis (lead vocals), Miranda Miller (rhythm guitar/keyboard/vocals), Nia Lovelis (drums/vocals), Casey Moreta (lead guitar/vocals), and Iain Shipp (bass). Their I Can Feel It EP was released in July 2015 and the Brand New Moves EP streeted in August 2016. As evidenced via their evolution as songwriters, their sound has grown from pop-punk into a well-produced, electro-infused alternative pop sound.

A few stretches of tour support for 5SOS over the last 18 months set the band up nicely, exposing them to throngs of new fans, including via the cool idea of playing free acoustic sets outside of the venues. On July 31st, 2016 they won “Choice Music: Next Big Thing” at the Teen Choice Awards, voted for by fans.

An official video for Guys My Age was released at the beginning of November, followed by a behind the scenes short. The band made their U.S. television debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden on November 16th, giving a terrific performance and playing The Bandmate Game. Coverage from Teen Vogue, The Guardian, Alternative Press, Idolator, Kerrang!, and Perez Hilton has certainly helped spread the word.

With a very solid run of holiday radio shows in December, a surging social following, their first U.S. headlining tour dates slated for March, and release plans for their debut album on the horizon this young outfit looks to be ready to tip the scales and break big.

  • Guys My Age is currently #23 at Top 40 radio
    • Over 95% of stations on the panel are now spinning the song
    • ~38,400 spins to date, 146.15 million audience to date
    • Top airplay markets include Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Seattle, Denver, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Nashville
  • 10.5 million YouTube plays in the U.S. (averaging ~723K/week over the last 4 weeks) and ~18.3 million globally (averaging ~957K/week over the last 4 weeks)
    • Guys My Age = 83%, Fuqboi = 8.9%, Brand New Moves = 5.1%, I Can Feel It = 3% of Total U.S. Plays


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