Emerging Artist of the Month: MISSIO

#11 Emerging Artists chart

#1,415 Ultimate 100 Artists chart

Matthew Brue and David Butler make up the Austin, Texas-based alternative electronic rock duo, MISSIO.  These guys deliver their message via crystal-clear, melodic vocals with tons of anthemic hooks over deep, driving instrumentation and sampling. The message is intensely personal but relatable to so many, comes across honestly, and can be both dark and uplifting…which jives with the fact that the Latin word “missio” translates to “mission”.

MISSIO makes a lot of sense in today’s environment, both musically and socially, as they carve out their own space to occupy, inviting fans in. With rather brooding and distinctly cinematic motifs listeners might pick up elements familiar to the likes of Trent Reznor, Deftones, Placebo, and Filter, though with more of a contemporary, urban, street-level feel, kind of like Linkin Park’s, as evidenced in tracks such as KDV (ft. Shug), I Don’t Give A… (ft. Zeale), and Everybody Gets High.

Nowhere is all of the above more evident than MISSIO’s breakout single, Middle Fingers. These are writers. This is an anthem. One that landed them a contract with RCA Records and did well at Alternative radio earlier this year. By late winter there was enough activity that the band debuted at #28 on the March 9th Emerging Artists Ultimate Chart and they’ve risen consistently from there, recently reaching #4.

Their debut album, Loner, hit streets on May 19th and there is no lack of arrows in the quiver when it comes to what single will be next to get a push out front, with options like Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea and the aforementioned KDV and Everybody Gets High. Press coverage is growing, especially regionally around tour stops, and they hit the television airwaves with a May 24th performance on Conan.

Now let’s talk about the shows. We know how important the live experience is for fans as well as artists, especially young, developing ones.  It is evident that MISSIO understands this as they have run a consistent string of events together in the last year. First it was a few targeted major-market gigs with Australia’s SAFIA in July, a handful of dates supporting K. Flay in November, and a run through their hometown for South by Southwest in March. Then, taking things up a level, in April and early May they headlined the SiriusXM Alt Nation Advanced Placement Tour (AltNation gave early spins and exposure to Middle Fingers).

The stages, and audiences, are only getting bigger: they played Hangout Music Festival in mid-May and have huge radio shows and festivals like Firefly, Lollapalooza, and the ACL Music Festival (excellent homecoming) between now and October, not to mention some great club nights this month into July!

Hit single? Check. Deep bench of tracks on debut album? Check. Live on lock? Check. Not bad for an act just now heading into its fourth year.

Middle Fingers went Top 10 at Alternative radio in April

~31,500 spins to date with ~89 million audience to date

Top markets include Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, San Diego, Portland, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee

~2.8 million YouTube plays in the U.S., averaging ~246k plays/week over the last 4 weeks

Global plays are starting to rise, up 62% in the last four weeks

Total fans have increased over 548% since the end of February!

46.8k YouTube Subscribers, 12.3k Facebook Likes, 6.3k Instagram Followers, 3.3k Twitter Followers


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